Materializing Pumpkin Seeds?

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1/2/19/18 As I was reaching for pumpkin seeds, I felt like I was creating them. Materializing them. I may have a memory of buying some, but memories aren’t real. So… Technically, we materialize everything as a dream, illusion. Interesting…. Staying in awareness as often as possible…

Is an Analytical Mind a Hindrance?

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Peter pointed out that most of the answers to my questions were in the book. When I finish he will explain if I still don’t understand. Then: “Don’t worry about the “over analytical mind.”  Actually you ask deep questions, which show a lot of discernment, and that kind of sharp thinking will serve you very […]


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8/7 Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall.– Salmon Rushdie 

Sharon Isn’t Real

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7/25 In GG: I, you, me= Ego!  Why didn’t I see this before?  Thoughts seem real but the pain body (collection of thoughts) becomes so solid it appears to be real. A different thought (I) can be dominant in each moment. (We are comprised of many different I s. Or the illusion of many I […]

Trust and Surrender

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6/26 Osho: The guru is not a teacher but an awakener. She is a giver of methods to help you come out of your sleep. She has to destroy your false identity and it will be painful. So a guru cannot have you near her unless you have surrendered; otherwise you are going to be […]

Head Vs Heart

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6/17/18 Osho says there are two paths to awakening. 1. Through the head; 2. Through the heart (devotion and trust). I do not trust so I must use the head. Perhaps this is my purpose–learn to use the head to awaken. This would be the way most of the Western world would need to follow. […]

Letting Everything Go!

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5/30/18 SCPN shared with me last night that she had a glimpse of all the karma left for her to deal with and it was an ocean of darkness. Today in meditation, I realized that what I did with the Judas lifetime was to break the karma down into themes. 1. I believed that Jesus […]

The Ego

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4/6/18 The ego creates pain whenever I go to temple unless Thay is speaking. So much pain makes me lose my connection. When I don’t go to class I feel guilty which makes me lose my connection. Either way ego wins. But when I release the desire to be at temple (and release the guilt) […]

The Illusion/The Dream

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4/7 In your illusion, an event happens, and if you let it go it doesn’t create memory. But if it was a terrible event (or even pleasant ) we go over it and over it. This is how memories are created! This is how knowledge is stored. Same process I would teach my students. If […]

Things to Try

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3/31 Who am I without the me? Adyashanti 1. Experience your death. 2. Sitting in Zazen meditation. Without thought. 3. Focusing on the vastness of space. Takes away the “I Am”. 4. Walk yourself out of the confines of your body. Convince your ego that you are NOT just your body. Alan Watts. “I am […]